Augers and Foundation Post Holes

Augers adn Foundation hole Posts Mornington PeninsulaWhether your site in Mornington Peninsula is clay, sand or mud, correct excavation for foundation post holes is critical. Lodeveld Contracting have the best earthmoving equipment, skilled operators and augers for the job.

Bore piers, stump holes and post holes are all drilled in using augers but each site's specifications will govern the type of holes or trenches, size of auger required and details of process. Different situations demand various depths and the importance of getting this right cannot be under-estimated.


In line with the engineer's plan, Council restrictions and your requirements, we first assess the soil of your site to determine the right augers and equipment for your site's foundation post holes requirements. A permit will be obtained before drilling. Safety, accuracy and quality are paramount in both the process and result of excavation for foundation post holes as this is the first part of the structure that will support the entire load of your building. Unstable ground or hard clay may require going deeper for example. As a team, in conjunction with the engineer, we work together, examining the ground and soil type, movement, drainage and other factors to establish the exact placement and depth of the holes until totally satisfied.

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