Excavator Digger Hire

Benefit from our fully qualified, highly experienced and professional operators when hiring top quality excavators / diggers from Lodeveld Contractors to work on your site in the Mornington Peninsula area.

For site preparation, levelling, clearing, cut and filling, Lodeveld Contractors have a first-rate range of excavators / diggers to suit your excavation requirements. Our 5 and 8 Tonne excavators for medium to larger jobs have a range of buckets, attachments and augers for all types of soils and conditions.


Whether you need a flat pad, levels cut, foundation work for piers, stumps, post holes or footings our highly skilled operators and versatile excavators will do the job professionally, on-time and within budget. We are fully insured, safe, reliable and efficient saving you time, money and not least importantly, the functional value of your site. We will provide you a complete assessment and quote and all essential plans, permits and permissions will be gained prior to starting work. Access driveways, houses, sheds and other structures on your property require different excavators depending on the job. With all the relevant information and details regarding soil, weather, drainage, access, and soil relocation to plan, we will advise and provide you with the optimum digger / excavation solution.

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