Footings & Stump Holes

Footings and Stump Holes Mornington PeninsulaEvery new house or building needs footings (also known as Stump Holes). Excavations for all types of footings and stump holes for properties in the Mornington Peninsula area by expert earthmoving and excavators, Lodeveld Contracting are complete and professional.

Specified by an engineer or architect, there are many factors which determine the type of foundations you will need, including the footings/stump holes, which as the first part of the house that is built, are very important. Excavation for footings needs to be precise to maximise the support they will provide.


Lodeveld Contracting have extensive experience in excavation for footings adn stump holes in the Mornington Peninsula area. For all types of footings including concrete bore pier and strip footings requiring holes or trenches, concrete or timber stumps that need holes and slab concrete for engineered concrete beams - our skillful operators, Posi-track loader and excavators are ideal for this work and can access even difficult sites to do the best job possible in footings excavation. Naturally, we take everything into account according to your building and properties plans, Council requirements and restrictions. Additionally, in consultation with you, if convenient, the excavated earth can also be utilised for landscaping in another area of your site or relocated off-site at your request.

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