Ride-On Compactor Hire

Ride On Compactor Hire Mornington Peninsula If your driveway or site in Mornington Peninsula needs compacting, before Winter comes around again, hire a professional operator and ride-on compactor from Lodeveld Contractors for a job done well.

With our knowledge and experience in driveway construction, earthmoving and excavation, we get your compacting work done efficiently and exactly to spec and in time with our ride-on compactor. Lodeveld Contracting operators are fully qualified and have vast experience in the compaction of sand, soil, gravel and crushed rock.


In compacting loose gravel or adding a new layer, reshaping the crown for better drainage or resurfacing your crushed rock driveway, even in tight spots and difficult to access areas, our ride-on compactor is ideal. Properly operated and maintained, we are able to utilise our ride-on compactor to it's full potential in getting rid of potholes, accurately shaping for it's best function and prevention of water damage.

Using the compacting roller tactically in the right places and at the right angles is important in achieving the best results for vehicle use and for drainage. There's more to it than meets the eye, until you get stuck in a pot-hole. We will advise you on the best strategy for your job before the work starts.

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