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Builders Site Cuts Mornington PeninuslaLarge or small, the site cut for your house, shed or building needs to be done right. Lodeveld Contracting are qualified excavators and professionally cut sites to spec in Mornington Peninsula.

Before any foundations for your house can be laid, a site cut or builders cut will be required. Solid site preparation is crucial to it's ability to hold and maintain the structure that it will support. Lodeveld Contracting have the knowledge, equipment and experience to cut your site properly.


A site cut makes the the ground permanently stable for building on. Depending on the plan drawn up by the designated engineer or draftsman, your site cut may include the creation of retaining walls - generally the case on big site cuts. Properties on slopes or steep hills, common in Mornington Peninsula, usually need cutting into the side of the pad and levels created. Also, drilling holes or trenches for posts, sleepers or brick walls is typically required. Lodeveld Contractors ascertain and evaluate all elements in cutting your site and any potential issues such as with water, gas and sewer lines are resolved promptly. We provide a complete service, including assessment and quote, provision of drafting services and soil relocation requests for future landscaping.

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