About Lodeveld Contracting

Established in 2004, Lodeveld Contracting evolved from early beginnings in working with heavy farm machinery in Southern Victoria, moving into drainage and sewage treatment and then developing the well respected earthmoving and excavation company in Mornington Peninsula it is today.

On the farm

Brothers Andrew and Ian come from a rural farming background in Southern Victoria. Learning from a young age about heavy earthmoving machinery, they gained invaluable experience from doing jobs such as ploughing and creating large tracks, making hay and silage and general farm work. A local demand for quality machinery, transport and operators, lead them to start their contracting work to service their local farms.

Around Australia

Flipping forward to about 2002, Andrew now with his own family, a caravan and a love for the outdoors, took a memorable trip around Australia, he and family getting a ground level experience of our incredible country in some of it's huge entirety - inspiring and amazing, they would love to do it again sometime!

Lodeveld Contracting in Mornington Peninsula

Settling in Mornington Peninsula shortly after, Ian and Andrew continued their contracting work in the areas of drainage and sewage treatment, another arm of their business which continues today. At the same time, their well developed skills and quality machinery established themselves as a top earthmoving and excavation company in Mornington Peninsula. Still a small family owned and run business, working with big machinery, living the rural family life and servicing the Mornington Peninsula are the qualities that Lodeveld Contracting aspires to continue.


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