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It makes business sense to put recycling first

For safe, licensed and reliable demolition solutions in Melbourne look no further than the team at Lodeveld Contracting. With our sustainable approach to demolition, Mornington Peninsula locals and beyond can trust us to deliver up-to-code and reliable domestic and commercial demolition services to suit their needs and requirements. We are continuing to evolve our procedures to cater toward more environmentally conscious operations, as this is of paramount importance in Australia’s challenging environmental and economic state. Lodeveld takes extensive measures to ensure all byproducts from the demolition are either recycled, upcycled or sent to our local Men’s Shed for processing into furniture. By having Lodeveld Contracting dispose of the asbestos waste as a result of the demolition, our customers can avoid a contaminated site, opening themselves up fines as a result of improperly disposed asbestos, a common theme among many demolition contractors.

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Permit Included

Drawing on over 23 years of in-depth and varied industry experience demolishing and cleaning domestic and commercial sites, we can deliver outstanding and personalised services at competitive prices. Our team guide you through the demolition process during each step.

Our conscientious and seasoned demolition specialists will take care of permit applications and navigate council requirements of demolition works. Lodeveld’s close relationship with our local body council means our demolitions are, and always have been, of the highest legal standard. Working within your timeframes, budget and location, Lodeveld offers Peninsula’s most competitive and quality demolition works.

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