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Crushed Rock Driveway
crushed rock
Crushed Rock Driveway
Crushed Rock Driveway
Crushed Rock Driveway

Crushed Rock Driveway Construction

As the main access to your property, your driveway needs to last, long-term. Lodeveld Contracting in Mornington Peninsula construct crushed rock driveways to withstand the demands of heavy loads and high-traffic

Your driveway site preparation forms the basis of how well your driveway will function and ultimately look. Relatively low-cost, gravel driveways are popular but are only as good as their construction. A solid base for your crushed rock or gravel driveway is key to it's ability to deliver.


Lodeveld Contracting address all of the essential elements in preparing your gravel driveway including ensuring adequate drainage, vegetation removal, stripping back and relocating the soil, spreading and compacting the crushed rock. The soil must be well-drained and firm before the crushed rock is brought in to spread, roll and compact. Our expert team will first assess the site to work out the best specific equipment and logistics to use.

The process is seamless with our versatile Posi-track loader, excavators, tipper and compactor. Another benefit is our local knowledge and experience in understanding the soil types, weather conditions and property requirements in the Mornington Peninsula area. Additionally, the many local natural quarries create a cost benefit we also pass on to our customers.

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Crushed Rock Driveway Maintenance

Pot holes, the wet and consistent traffic can cause issues to crushed rock or gravel driveways. In the Mornington Peninsula, Lodeveld Contracting provides preventative and after-damage solutions with crushed rock driveway maintenance.

Best carried out before the Winter rains, periodic driveway maintenance can avoid potentially serious damage to your crushed rock driveway from various causes which can result in wash-outs, cracks or potholes. Complete with Posi-track loader, Lodeveld are fully equipped to take care of your crushed rock driveway maintenance.


Sometimes unavoidable, some causes of gravel driveway issues include runoff from hills, big rains or unusually heavy traffic. An old pothole that has got worse, inadequate grading or bad surfacing are others. Breakdowns can cause major disruptions in trying to enter or leave your property, costing you time and money and can be potentially dangerous. Deficiently constructed driveways may have drainage issues, birm, soft spots and rebound, deep tyre tracks or low points.

The driveway may also have incorrect or insufficient gravel, grading or an ineffective crown. Whether it’s potholes, cracks, surface water damage, water from below the soil or just a touch-up or re-surfacing required, our experienced team will assess the problem and fix it.

Crushed Rock
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