Tipper Truck Hire

Tipper Truck Hire Mornington Peninsula Have an experienced and efficient operator from Lodeveld Contracting safely cart your soil, sand, gravel and materials on and off your Mornington Peninsula site with our well-maintained and reliable tipper.

Lodeveld Contracting know earthmoving inside-out and how to best utilise a tipper safely, whether by itself or within the team working on your site. For gravel to be carted from a quarry to your site or spoil removed off-site, our tipper and operator will do the job effectively.


Especially useful on larger jobs but good on medium sized sites also, our very dependable 10 cubic meter tipper works well. Transporting raw materials such as rock, earth, concrete, soil and sand is a smooth process with an expert operator from Lodeveld Contracting. Done to your specifications and requirements, our work is comprehensive and fully covered with all licenses, insurances and safety gear in place. Our long-term experience in the Mornington Peninsula, means our operators know the area, roads, quarry and spoil sites well, allowing us to work efficiently and to schedule. No time is wasted. All up, this provides you with a safe and cost-effective professional tipper hire that you can trust to get the job done well.


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